BlackPink The Game APK Download

BlackPink The Game APK Download

Hello friends, welcome to BlackPinkTheGame.CC. Here you can get the latest BlackPink The Game APK Download for free. You just need to download and enjoy the pink world.

BlackPink The Game is a new game and it is one of the most popular games. In this BlackPink game, there are so many features available for the players to make the game more enjoyable.

Here is a complete guide about the BlackPink The Game APK Download including all things related to the game. If you are finding Blackpink the game mod APK or normal APK, both are available here. You can download them according to your need and enjoy unlimited diamonds and Blackpink World coins.

This game was published by the TakeOne Company. It is a Korean game, which is available on the Google play store.

Let’s start your journey on the Blackpink the Game.

BlackPink The Game Features

Below are the most amazing features of Blackpink The Game:-

BlackPink The Game APK Download
BlackPink The Game APK Download
  • #1. Style Room:- In the style room, you can customize and style your characters, like there hear styles, shirts, jeans, outfits, Socks, shoes, rings, neckless, hand bands, etc. you can purchase using BlackPink World Coins.
Blackpink The Gam Style Room
Blackpink The Gam Style Room
  • #2. Tap to player info:- BlackPink The Game provides you most useful feature which is tap to player info. If you want to use these features then you can go near any player and tap on the there body to see their profile info and name, and also you will able to send a friend request to them, black them, and you can easily send a heart for them.
Tap to player info
Tap to player info
  • #3. Task Option:- Using the task option you can see your tasks while playing the game. Like find the style shop designer, in this task, you need to follow the arrow and go to the style shop.
Task Option in the blackpink the game
Task Option in the blackpink the game
  • #4. List Option:- In the list option, you can see friends, settings, help, and notice options, in this friends is the most useful feature In the friends you can check your friends, accept your friends’ request, add friends, send a gift for your friends and also you can remove your friends in this section.
List Option in the BlackPink the game
List Option in the BlackPink the game
  • #5. Gacha:- In the gacha option you can drow using Diamonds and Gold. there are four options available, 1. BlackPink Rose 2. BlackPink Lisa 3. Premium Gacha 4. Normal Gacha. you can draw auto 10x at a time.
  • #6. Schedule:- It is a different mode to play you need to play and get auto 3 star and complete your gaming journey.
  • #7. BlackPink World:- This is the main map of the game. In this game players have so many features like Event Zone, Style Shop, Game Land, Parking, Ice Crem, Market, Costume Shop, Circus, Pet Zone, Dog Park, and Ranking in this option you can see top players, also we have explained all BlackkPink World map at below.
  • #8. Pink Diamonds: – It is used to purchase in-game items, you can get this after completing the tasks and also you can get this daily once after watching 30 seconds ads. To watch the ad you will open the the mailbox section and click on the watch ad button.
  • #9. BlackPink World Coins: – You can use these coins in the black pink world map to purchase items in the shop.
  • #10. Gold:- Using golds you can draw in the gacha option to get exclusive rewards.
  • #11. User info:- In this section, you can change your user name, see your purchased styling, change your country, check your level and points, change your emotions, change your bio, see your blocked friends, and check all character points, and achievements.
  • #12. Photocard:- In this option, you can upgrade the photocard of your characters, there are all characters’ latest cards available, the latest characters are, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa

How to Play BlackPink The Game

Here is a complete guide on how can you play BlckPink The Game without any problem. First, you need to choose what you want to play today, there are more options available in this article we will guide you about the main map which is called as BlackPink World.

To play BlackPink World you just need to follow our deep guide on the game.

How to Play BlackPink The Game
How to Play BlackPink The Game
  • First, open the game and tap on the left side Blackpink world button.
  • You will see your character on the blackpink world map.
  • Then click on the right-side task button.
  • You can see the task name and details.
  • Click on the move button and follow the arrow.
  • Arrow will guide you for directions you just follow it auto place.
  • When you arrive at the place then click on the play button.
  • Note: If you did not find the play button check carefully on the place.
  • Then you will redirect in your game where you need to play different games on different levels.

Play the game and after you win you can get some diamonds, Blackpink world coins, or gold. When complete the game you can see yourself in the BlakPink World Map then your can again click on the task and follow the same steps to play the next game.

Tutorial video of blackpink the game.

How to Download BlackPink The Game APK

If you are looking for the BlackPink The Game APK Download then you will follow our complete steps, after reading these steps you will easily download the game from our website I will tell you very easy steps.

  1. Scroll download this page auto a table.
  2. After the table, you can see the download APK button.
  3. Click on the Download button and press the download anyway button.
  4. Wait for the download complete after this tap on the APK.
  5. Then pop up a new window and click on the install button.
  6. Wait for the installation and after installation, you can open the game.
  7. Download resources packs for the game, create your account, and start playing your game.

BlackPink The Game Mod APK Download

For Blackpink the game mod APK download click on the below Mod APK download button and wait for the download when it is complete you can play for free.

Features of blackpink the game mod apk:-

  • Get unlimited gold and BlackPink World Coins for free.
  • Get unlimited pink diamonds for free.

BlackPink The Game APK Download Link

Here is the latest BlackPink The Game APK Download Link you will just click on the download button and download your game for free and enjoy the game.

BlackPink The Game APK Download
Game NameBlackPink The Game
Size100 MB
Last UpdatedJune 2023
Released DateMay 4, 2023
Required OSAndroid 7.0 and up
Published byTakeOne Company
CategoryCasual Game
Total Downloads1,000,000+
Download fromGoogle Play Store
Download fromApple Apps Store

All Blackpink The Game Downloadable Content

If you are looking for the Blackpink The Game Downloadable Content then here are the latest and all downloadable content of Blackpink the game available such as BlackPink The Game APK Download, Mod APK Download, and all content is available here for free.

You can download apk latest version from our Downloadable Content page and we are updating here on a daily basis for new content required for gamers.

FAQs About BlackPink The Game

How to get free pink diamonds in Blackpink the game?

To get free diamonds in the game you can watch ads in the mailbox section daily only one ad is for you. After watching this ad you can get some pink diamonds for free.

Is BlackPink the Game Mod APK Safe?

Yes, Mod APK is also safe to use providing you unlimited diamonds, free golds, and many more. But mod APK is not recommended by game developers.

Can I get free Gold in Blackpink the game?

You can get free gold in the game but you need to complete some in-game tasks to get free gold.

Does blackpink the game Mod APK Work Properly?

There are so many types of mod APKs you need to choose a better mod APK for you according to your device specifications.

What are the Device Requirements for BlackPink the game?

The minimum device requirements are 1GB of Ram and 2GB ROM to play the Blackpink The Game. Also, better devices provide you with better graphics and enhance your gaming.

Is Blackpink the game free to play?

Yes, it is free to play game. Also available in-app purchase for upgrading your gaming.

Is BlackPink the Game better?

Yes, it is a better game downloaded by 1M+ game lovers you can easily play this game also it is a very amazing game.


My name is Ravi (Pro Gamer) I am playing BlackPink The Game from starting of June 2023 I am experienced in this game. Also, it is a casual game that comes with HD graphics. The game provides you with next-level features for a better gaming experience.

You will BlackPink The Game APK Download and play with your friends and enjoy the game also it has so many characters with different skills.

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